Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing

Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing

Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing

Posted April 3, 2024 

One of the most frequent questions property owners ask is the difference between soft washing vs power washing. It can get confusing when trying to decide what would be best for your home or particular areas you want to look better. After all, not all materials can take the sheer force of a power washer. But, which parts should you use soft washing on? And which parts call for the much stronger power washing?

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a type of power washing that is not as rough and abrasive on surfaces, using a pressure level below 1,000 PSI. This method of cleaning uses a special nozzle that is attached to a pressure washer which reduces the speed and force of the water that comes out of the machine.

Unlike pressure washing or power washing, the water is not directly used to clean the surface. Instead, soft washing uses a cleaning solution, which is applied to the area that needs cleaning. After the solution has been applied, the soft wash is used to clean and remove the cleaning chemicals from the surfaces. This gives the cleaning solution time to seep into the tiny cracks and the surface itself providing an even deeper clean than power washing.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is a common technique that is used to clean brick, siding, walkways, decks, and driveways, to name a few. It also relies on the pressure of the water to break down and wash away dirt, grime, mold, and other difficult to remove substances.

By using high-powered equipment, a stream of water is forcefully projected in a controlled flow that knocks out dirt and gets an area or surface looking like new instantly. Because of the intensity of the water being released, it is not meant for all surfaces or areas and cautions should be observed. However, most of the time, when power washing cannot be used, a soft wash could be the ideal option.

Soft Washing vs Power Washing: Make the Right Choice

In the right hands, a power washer is a substantial tool that can deliver the right results, but the strength of a power washer can sometimes be too forceful to handle, especially by more delicate surfaces. These situations call for the soft washing method. It is important to know the difference between soft washing vs power washing and which one is best for your home. Otherwise, you will end up with damages that may require expensive repairs.

Pressure Washing vs Power Washing

Because these two terms are used interchangeably, you might think they are one and the same. While they both share the same general process and purpose, they are not exactly alike. Both methods use pressurized water of over 1,000 PSI to clean surfaces. Compared to pressure washing, power washing uses heated water for more effective results.

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